Garter belts, suspenders, or suspender belts – call it whatever you like, this vintage fashion accessory is by far one of the sexiest lingerie item ever made (besides thigh high stockings of course!) Let us tell you what garter belts are, and it’s history.

What are garter belts?
Garter belts, also known as suspender belts in the UK, are a type of belt that is worn by a woman to keep her stockings up. While this fabulous accessory can come in a variety of material, style, and color, for the most part, garter belts feature four (or more) straps that are approximately 2-4 inches (5.1 cm – 10.2 cm) long. The straps, in some cases, are adjustable. At the end of each strap, there is a clip for attaching stockings. In the back of the belt, there is a set of fasteners – just like a bra, these fasteners allow a woman to adjust for sizing.

Brief History Of Garter belts
For a very long time, stockings were made by sewing a sheet of fabric together at the seam. Garter belts were necessary as it allowed a woman to keep her stockings up on her leg. In 1939, Du Pont created the first pair of nylon pantyhose – while it may be fair to assume that garter belts were no longer necessary after the invention of pantyhose, that was not the case. Garter belts became highly popularize during the 1940’s as wearing stockings was in fashion – including those that required a garter belt.

Do you wear garter belts to work?
There are many occasions when a garter belt is appropriate. For instance, you might want to wear one under a dress with stockings. Or, you might wear one to work to feel gorgeous and powerful throughout the day. And of course, you can wear one for a smoking hot nighttime look!

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