PlayHarda brings TET LINGERIE to UK market

PlayHarda Wholesale has announced it is now distributing the Tet Lingerie brand in the UK. The Tet Lingerie range includes kimonos, chemises, teddies, and accessories such as garter belts and eye masks.

“Each piece of lingerie comes in a stylish box which slides open to reveal the garment and a card with a lovely message inside,” said PlayHarda Wholesale. “Each box also shows the front and back of the product, giving your customer a better understanding of what they are buying. We absolutely love the soft, sensual material, and each style is designed to specifically flatter the female figure. Made from premium fabrics, the pricing of Tet Lingerie is very competitive and will appeal to a wide customer base thanks to the various styles and products in this magnificent range.”

Tadas Baliutavičius, owner and CEO at Tet Lingerie added: “I’m happy to shake hands with PlayHarda Wholesale and launch a mutual project of Tet lingerie into the UK wholesale market. We found our niche bringing delicate, beautiful lingerie to customers in high-quality packaging. Tet lingerie creations stand out among other great brands in the world and it’s now available at PlayHarda wholesale in the UK.”

Contact PlayHarda Wholesale for more information or if you would like to make an appointment for a representative to visit you.

Original source: ETO MAGAZINE