TET lingerie put women’s comfort first at already available in Netherlands


Inspired by love Collection by TET LINGERIE available at Intimate distributions. Lingerie range has something for every preference, ranging from glamorous long peignoirs to revealing Teddys by TET LINGERIE with a twist of love to all consumers.

The premium collection of erotic apparel also combines quality fabrics such as delicate lace with daring, fashion-forward silhouettes to entice all the senses. The TET looks will make any woman look and feel amazing by adding a naughty, unexpected twist to lingerie that will certainly catch the eye in any in-store display.

TET LINGERIE is without a doubt a statement collection in any fashionable lingerie assortment. A bonus of the collection is the availability of a fantastic selection of crotchless Body and sells on a high demand; a product category that is continuing to grow in popularity and has become mainstream targeted lingerie fashion.

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